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there's still a little bit of your taste, in my mouth.

i feel like i've gone wrong someplace. i wish i knew where. afjdsaf i'm really stressed out, so im dedicating tonight to my computer, snickers, and radiohead. because these things make my life worth living.

sunday was dominic's birthday and  our plan was to bungie jump, but the 150 ft free fall seemed so much better. i can not describe to you the feeling. but i recommend everyone do it sometime in your life, i now have a better feel of what it is like to die. but afterwards you have such a rush. i can't exactly explain it, but i love it. it really is one of the best feelings ever.

i took some pictures

there is more, but i'm lazy ya know.


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how interesting... im jellious :-[ <3 tj have a good weeknd <3
you too teeg, i <3 you
Alright. I discovered that rawfle is elf war backwards. Everyone shall spread it!
No seriously. Start using it. Scott has <3!
alright, will do.