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she can't help it, the girl can't help it

Well what the fuck Miranda? I'm ashamed, writing in your livejournal after 2 years of deserting it. It started with Clint telling me about something in my "LJ", so i had to check it out and the next thing i know im reminessing on my old life. Comparing it to now, i fucking suck. Anyways, i decided to write in here because it seemed to do some good then, so what could it hurt now? So maybe no one reads livejournal these days, well guess what i don't care these days. Ouch, i'm rusty on the grammer. Hmm since i don't even know where to start i'm going to begin with today. Today was totally suprisingly like most of my other days this exciting senior year. =( i kid. I got senior pics, think i got my billionth job, and managed to forget to go give carol desiree's note. i miss desiree. Could the lack of a best friend for a year be the cause to my desolation? no... maybe it's that Clint lives a year ahead of me in the town i wish i lived in 3 hours away. oh no... maybe it's that im graduating in 3 weeks, only to spend the next 18 weeks at the infamous Tarrant County College, better known as T.C.C. or texas college of champions for laugh. HAHhhhhhh! Stopping the cynisism....
It's suppose to snow tonight! Most days i would be overly excited about this, but i was planning on going to Austin tomorrow to see Spoon who plays Friday. buttttttt sleet on the highway means no bueno driving conditions. bummerrr. Spoon is one of the few bands i havent yet crossed out for bands i must see, besides of coures modest mouse, beulah, tool, radiohead, and more i can't think of right this second. Oh and Incubus but op i have tickets for that in January ;) damn right. Alright i'm going to stop writing in here for my own good, because what i have written so far is not anything i really wanted it to be. I don't even know what i wanted it to be but that just wasn't it. When will i know? NEVERRRRRRR
damn pessimistic miranda
im out of here before i bring you down too

and hey, i'm gunna vow to making tomorrow a good day, whatever it takes. =D

leaving with....good thoughts. fareeeeeeewell
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